Life at a proud HBCU is filled with many challenges, adjustments, and  rewards, BUT on the weekend having a good time is center stage,  especially  behind  the  chaotic background when everyone from everywhere is thrown together for various reasons on a football GAME DAY ... but often good times are smudged when following the money trail .......

" leaders … students .. boosters …. alums thrown together in an atmosphere of fun .. but good times smudge the tracks of the money trail....."

There are many people to

"thank" for their participation

and support.


Thank you to all! 


We even have people who

are working with us through

the editing process.


We are nearing completion and

looking for a late summer release.


Stay tuned for more information from MAC 4 Films and GameDAY:the Movie.

GameDAY:the Movie

Shots from the Set

poster gameDAY red

poster gameDAY red



gameDAY:  the Movie trailer I